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About the shalom foundation

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"Shalom" is a Hebrew word meaning peace, wholeness, completeness, harmony, safety, soundness. 
A powerful blessing.

The Shalom Foundation is a faith-based 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing life-changing medical and surgical care to impoverished children in Guatemala, free-of-charge.  The Shalom Foundation opened the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City in 2011.  Through the Moore Center and collaborations with local medical specialists, volunteer medical mission teams can provide safe, high-quality medical care to children in dire need.  

Why Guatemala? The Shalom Foundation founder, Steve Moore, first experienced Guatemala in the late 1990s through a church organized mission trip. He says, "I didn't choose Guatemala.  God chose Guatemala for me."  The healthcare system is extremely broken and Steve saw the need.  Millions of Guatemalans simply lack access to even the most basic of healthcare.  While we can't change the system, we can make a world of difference that begins with saving the life of hundreds of children each year.  In 2018, through the generous offerings of donors and volunteers, we provided 739 free, life-changing procedures to children who so desperately needed the care.   Since opening in 2011, over 6,000 surgeries have been performed. And in March of 2019, we sent our 100th surgical mission to Guatemala! We don't just provide surgeries, we provide hope. And hope is just as life-changing.

The Meal That Heals will support our mission.  Money raised will provide surgeries, human capital, medicine and supplies, follow-up care, smiles, and HOPE. Please join us at the table. We saved you a seat.