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Kids don't attend school when their tooth aches. Without access to dental care and knowledge about dental hygiene, children develoop tooth decay and infection. This affects their ability to sleep, eat and learn. They fall behind and can't concentrate. Children and adults suffer from rotting teeth and lack of dental care. In rural Maya villages there are no dentists.

The reasons for the lack of dental hygiene varies in each village. Some communities don't have running water and families do not have money to buy toothbrushes.  They don't understand why they should brush their teeth. Only a handful of schools have toothbrushes and toothpaste available so the kids can at least brush their teeth once a day at school.  Dental hygeine has been non existent for generations. 

Preventive care is non-existent. Parents do not have the financial resources to take their kids to the dentist, especially since the family size is 4-6 children. Sugar-filled snacks are the norm because they are cheap and readily available. Lack of education is the root of the problem.