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Karl Worley

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Karl Worley

Nashville, TN | Biscuit Love

Growing up in Bristol, Tennessee, Karl Worley‘s earliest memories are food memories. He spent much of his childhood in delis, first in his grandfather’s, who was a chef in World War II, and then the deli where his mother worked.  Karl reminisces fondly about the days when local farmers brought their hog-killing bounty to his house as well as huge country breakfasts around the table on weekends. 

At Biscuit Love with 3 locations in Nashville, Karl leads the charge in the kitchen as executive chef. His childhood and travel memories served as inspiration when creating the menu. Biscuit Love’s Angel Biscuits are an ode to his grandmother, who he cooked beside as a young boy.  Karl also draws inspiration from those who came before him with dishes like his shrimp and grits inspired by renowned Southern chef Bill Neal. Karl believes in not only nurturing guests, but also their staff. He and Sarah work hard to create opportunity for all their employees through living wages and a compassionate culture.

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