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Asha Gomez

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Asha Gomez is the author of the cookbook “My Two Souths” with Running Press (Perseus Books) which launched in 2016. My Two Souths has received rave reviews from the Washington Post, Garden and Gun, and The New York Times to name a few. My Two Souths was nominated as a finalist for a James Beard Award in the American Cooking category and won the prestigious Piglet Award for best cookbook. In addition, the cookbook was a finalist in Gourmand's World Cookbook Awards. In 2017, Asha was featured twice in the New York Times in a piece named “A chef's quest in India” and “ Spice-laden Kerala...” chronicling an incredible trip to Kerala, India. She is most passionate about her advocacy and policy work in reducing global food insecurity as a global brand ambassador for CARE and her work with the United Nations, and the James Beard Foundation. 

Throughout her career, Asha has used food as a platform to connect people across countries and cultures and has seen firsthand how food and nutrition can enhance the lives of those facing poverty. Her engaging demeanor and remarkable ability to translate wonkish research into compelling personal narratives makes her a highly sought after speaker nationally and internationally- including most recently with the United Nations' Global Nutrition Summit- the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Global Food Insecurity Summit (Food for Social Good) 2018 will feature Asha as a panelist. 

This May, Asha will be a featured speaker at the CARE national conference and will also be a panel moderator in a conversation about the film SOUFRA – produced by Susan Sarandon, the movie is about the wildly inspirational story on a Lebanese refugee that strives against daunting obstacles to improve lives by starting a food truck business. Most recently, she is featured in Chef David Chang's web series “Ugly Delicious” currently streaming on Netflix.

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