The Meal That Heals

2019 CHEFS Blog

We are sure that you have noticed, Nashville is changing.  From the influx of bachelorettes and Airbnbs, to the great restaurant expansion in the last decade, many folks are both excited and bewildered with the transformation of our wonderful city.  We want the The Meal that Heals to showcase how Nashville chefs are embracing that change by creating a partnership with each course.  Two chefs, one a stalwart in the Nashville scene, the other a relative newcomer to the town or to the business, work together in a nod to Old School/ New School Nashville in support of a great cause.

Vincent Farr

Vincent Farr, Executive Chef.jpg



Vincent Farr joined the Fairlane Hotel and Ellington's family in May 2018 as Kitchen Supervisor.  He assisted Chef Edgar Pendly on pre-opening tasks such as menu design, tastings and media dinners. Farr’s sense of leadership and culinary talent led him to quickly be promoted to Sous Chef in October 2018.  Since then, Farr has continued to push new ideas, maintain a high-quality standard of food, and position himself as the leader in the hotel’s culinary department. 

Farr is a native Nashvillian. He grew up surrounded and immersed by culinary influence as his mother was an already well established and respected chef in town. Growing up in the business gave Farr a head start, which would help to prepare him for his future calling.  As with most culinarians, Farr worked in multiple restaurants in town including Coopers and Holland House where he started as a dishwasher.  He then moved to Pharmacy where he worked his way up to kitchen manager.  Farr then moved to Urban Grub to work with Chef Edgar who would take Farr under his wing and provide him the leadership and direction he needed to grow as a culinarian and chef.  

Farr is married to Kayla, Fairlane Hotel’s pastry chef extraordinaire. They are expecting their first child, a boy, in mid-July. Farr enjoys spending time off with his wife, family and close friends. He is an avid sports fan who can be found at his favorite hangout when not with friends and family. 

Teresa Parr