The Meal That Heals

2019 CHEFS Blog

We are sure that you have noticed, Nashville is changing.  From the influx of bachelorettes and Airbnbs, to the great restaurant expansion in the last decade, many folks are both excited and bewildered with the transformation of our wonderful city.  We want the The Meal that Heals to showcase how Nashville chefs are embracing that change by creating a partnership with each course.  Two chefs, one a stalwart in the Nashville scene, the other a relative newcomer to the town or to the business, work together in a nod to Old School/ New School Nashville in support of a great cause.

Kim Totzke

Kim Head shot (1).JPG

Kim Totzke, was a favorite chef around town for years, and the Nashville Scene’s “Best Chef in Nashville” 2003, while she was chef at the Yellow Porch and over culinary operations for Nashville Restaurant Group. She always said the success in her culinary life was because of the team, the operations, and the plan. In 2006, Totzke decided to switch gears and put her full focus into operations, becoming the corporate-level Chief Operating Officer at Provence. After eight years with Provence, she moved on to accept the position of Chief Operating Officer with John Dyke at the Turnip Truck Stores.  This was during a time of significant change for the Turnip Truck; Kim helped in facilitating the store’s move from its original location to a much larger facility, doubling the size of the staff for the company. The Turnip Truck will expand with a third location on Charlotte Avenue in Fall 2019.

Totzke considers herself a compulsive volunteer that has a hard time saying no.  She grew up in a family that made volunteer service and community work a way of life. Kim has served on multiple boards and committees in Nashville.  She considers Nashville the easiest place in the world to live because it allows you to be both parts of yourself, the city and the country, and its residents are the nicest people in the world.

Teresa Parr