The Meal That Heals

2019 CHEFS Blog

We are sure that you have noticed, Nashville is changing.  From the influx of bachelorettes and Airbnbs, to the great restaurant expansion in the last decade, many folks are both excited and bewildered with the transformation of our wonderful city.  We want the The Meal that Heals to showcase how Nashville chefs are embracing that change by creating a partnership with each course.  Two chefs, one a stalwart in the Nashville scene, the other a relative newcomer to the town or to the business, work together in a nod to Old School/ New School Nashville in support of a great cause.

Cait Guszkowski

Cait Guszkowski is a family- and self-taught pie baker. In 2016 she moved to Nashville with a job in finance after studying linguistics, nutrition, and business management. After baking pies for new friends and neighbors for a few months she developed a business plan and sold her first pie in October 2017. Across 2018 both she and her business/life partner Chris Gonzales grew CaityPies from a homegrown side hustle to a full fledged bakery working out of Citizen Kitchens. You can find CaityPies at the Hip Donelson, 12 South, and Richland Park Farmers Markets and in a variety of local shops, such as Dino’s Restaurant and Porter Road Butcher.

Teresa Parr