The Meal That Heals

2019 CHEFS Blog

We are sure that you have noticed, Nashville is changing.  From the influx of bachelorettes and Airbnbs, to the great restaurant expansion in the last decade, many folks are both excited and bewildered with the transformation of our wonderful city.  We want the The Meal that Heals to showcase how Nashville chefs are embracing that change by creating a partnership with each course.  Two chefs, one a stalwart in the Nashville scene, the other a relative newcomer to the town or to the business, work together in a nod to Old School/ New School Nashville in support of a great cause.

Jake Howell

Jake Howell is a 30-year-old Chef originally from Sandpoint, Idaho. He is Executive Chef/part-owner at Peninsula.

While he has always had a passion for cooking, his career flourished in Seattle, where he worked at and consulted for several of Seattle's best restaurants. He most recently worked under Renee Erickson at The Walrus and the Carpenter and Bar Melusine before moving to Nashville.

Howell focuses on creating concise, responsible and uncomplicated food. Whole animal utilization is also a big part of his philosophy. Having worked at Rain Shadow Meats, a whole animal butcher shop with an extensive charcuterie program, he hopes to show people that the most sustainable option is to eat more than just the "premium" cuts.

Teresa Parr